Career Path

Caroline is trained at the GB institute in Brief Therapy. After 5 years experience in working as a corporate consultant and counsellor in the area of workplace suffering, she decides to open up her own private practice to enlarge her frame of competences and serve a wider client base. My academic background is in social and pedagogical studies. I graduated from the Lausanne School of Social and Pedagogical Studies in 2004 as a social care worker. I worked in Lausanne Hospital psychiatry ward and in Fribourg city administration for the guardianship department. During that time, I met the Director of the GB Institute during a conference. This encounter sparks up my interest in brief systemic and strategic therapy. This approach gives me more tools in my work as a social care assistant. I decide to follow the introductory sessions. As I continue to study the approach, I realise that it is more than a simple tool, it is an interactional way of apprehending difficulties that people come across in life. And it dramatically changed the way I was looking at problems myself. I then decided to complete the training and become a Gregory Bateson therapist in order to support people coming from all walks of life dealing with their own problems and life difficulties: work related, family, couple, anxiety, phobia, and lost into what to do to solve those problems.

My Personal Interests

I am married and mother of two child. I am very grateful to be living in this astonishing region. I am from Valais originally. I love the mountains and the endless hiking possibilities in winter and summer time. I have travelled in Latin America, South Africa and Asia which allowed me to discover impressive landscapes and cultures unlike my own.


The session rate is 120 CHF.For people encountering financial difficulties, an adapted rate could be negociated.

A session is approximately one hour long, the number of appointment will depend on the situation but wont exceed 10 if no significantly change.

The session frequency will depend on the situation and progressively increase as the symptoms start improving.

Contact and Map

Caroline Aubry
Les Résidences-de-la-Côte 30
1110 Morges

079 475 28 20


I'm pleased to share the office with other psychologists using different approach :

- Mirjam de Vries

- Laurence Dispaux